Computer Services for Domestic Users

General IT Support

Virus Removal Spyware Removal Adware Removal Malware Removal - So many things can infect your system, and they all take time to fix. We charge a fixed fee for scan and repair

In addition to repairing your computer, we offer a renewable maintenance contract, which provides you with an annual health check & clean. Price £65 (plus the cost of any parts that need replacing)

Computer Hardware Replacement/Repair

We can source a computer to suit your specifications.

For an additional fee we can arrange to set up the computer for you so that when you receive it, it has your email, and other applications already set up for you to use.

We can also provide a 'First-Run Tutorial', which includes basic skills in using computers, power-on, load applications, good housekeeping, including energy efficiency.

We can provide 'office-based' solutions to home problems; from databases to spreadsheets.

Data Management

In this digital age, it is not surprising so many people have their photos and music on computers. But, how many people remember to back-up their records regularly, if at all. We can advise on setting up a suitable system for backing up such precious records, whether externally or online.